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QSI Yerevan Counseling Services

QSI Yerevan strives to provide academic, career, and personal/social services to students, parents, school staff, and our campus community. The school has employed a full-time counselor since the 2018-19 school year. 

QSI Yerevan offers the following counseling supports to our students and families: 

"Your school counselor is a trustworthy person that always has time for you, to listen to you, to understand you, and to help you solve your problems"

- Tamar Sevadjian, School Counselor

Counselor's Corner - Information and Tips for Parents

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Healthy child development is best supported by security and stability across different domains in the child’s life. Key components of that stability include housing, parenting, family dynamics, neighborhood factors, peer influences, and school development.

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills are the processes we use in our brain to accomplish tasks. It’s true that we use a variety of executive functioning skills when completing academic work, but the truth is that these skills are life skills. We use them all the time in daily chores and tasks, from planning a meal to tidying up a room and so much more.