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Scholarship Policy

The Advisory Board of QSI International School of Yerevan will award scholarships to families in need of financial assistance in order to support the educational needs of their children, as well as to support the school’s goal of expanding the educational programming available to all children.


  • Scholarships will be awarded to the oldest eligible child of a family with more than one child applying, and will not exceed one full award per family, (unless extenuating circumstances apply). 
  •  Scholarships will be considered for students ages 5 years old and older. 
  • All new applicants for scholarships must meet with the Director before the scholarship application will be reviewed. 
  • If a parent is applying for a scholarship and also serving on the Advisory Board, he/she will recuse themselves of all discussions regarding the review of scholarship applications and allocation of funds. 
  • Scholarship Renewal amounts will be decided upon no later than May of the preceding school year.
  • This policy will be reviewed annually and may be amended by majority vote of the Advisory Board.

Scholarship Application Process and Deadlines

In order to be considered for a scholarship  please complete the following steps.  Only complete applications will be accepted and considered. 

Step 1: Complete the Scholarship Application.

Scholarship Application

Step 2: Upload the following documents to this website: (final date for submission 15 April 2023) 

  • Copy of Student’s Passport 
  • Copy of Parent 1 Passport 
  • Copy of Parent 2 Passport 
  • Copy of School Records (minimum 1 year for elementary, 2 years for secondary) 
  • Parent Letter of Introduction (one page letter from the parent and student introducing themselves, explaining why a scholarship is necessary and how the student and family will participate in school life) 

Scholarship Documentation Upload

Step 3: School will send reference form to references provided in application 

Step 4: School will schedule interview and MAP screener tests to be completed on-site or remotely 


By early May, the school’s Advisory Board will meet and review scholarship applications. Decisions will be sent out by the school by 15 May. Due to the large volume of applications, if you do not receive an approval notice from the school, you can assume that your child will not receive a scholarship.