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The middle school program at QSI Yerevan places students in active group learning environments that support the development of 21st Century Learning skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. The middle school curriculum is both rigorous and engaging, challenging students to expand their thinking while developing the skills and independence needed for success in secondary. 

Middle school is a time of discovery for our students... A time when they develop the skills necessary to be successful in secondary, as well as learning about who they are and who they want to become in the future.

- Sara Macmillan, Middle School Teacher

QSIY Middle School - At a Glance

Thank you for your interest in our middle school program. To learn more about each year level's academic program, please refer to the documents posted to the right as well as the information below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or schedule a consultation or visit to our campus

11-Year-Old Program

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12-Year-Old Program

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13-Year-Old Program

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Middle School News and Stories

Step Inside the Middle School Cultural Studies Classroom

Students in Cultural studies class have been exploring Mesopotamian Civilizations.  Using research and teamwork skills, students recreated the ancient city of Ur. Using online materials, maps, and books, students understood what contributed to development of early civilization and what geographic features made it easier to develop. 

Step Inside the Middle School Literacy Classroom

Do you remember the days when your teacher said you were going to draft an essay? Researching information to put into a five-paragraph written assignment can sometimes feel like a drag. So, this year our middle-school students are working on publishing their own online magazines. Many innovators today have learned to find their niche online when they write about topics, they are passionate about, such as travel, family life, and outdoor adventure. What topics would a middle-school student be interested in reading? This was the driving question that Mrs. Tracy asked her students as they prepared to create informational writing pieces.

Upcycling Challenge

Many students participated in the STEM Week Upcycling Challenge. There was a great variety of entries, and students enjoyed seeing what others had created. Projects ranged from candy-wrapper curtains to plastic bottle flowers, an amusement park, and a bowl made of cutlery. It was wonderful to see both the enthusiasm and creativity our students have!

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