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A warm welcome to QSI International School of Yerevan! It is my pleasure to lead such a wonderful and caring school. QSI is proud to be celebrating its 50th birthday as an organization. This rich history provides a solid foundation for leading children from diverse backgrounds to success.  

QSIY has a proud history of providing a high-quality international education in Armenia.  Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They were carefully chosen because of their education, skills, and genuine care for children.   Our core beliefs are fundamental to all we do and are represented well in our mission statement: 

Virtually every five year old comes to school eager to learn. The  mission of Quality Schools International (QSI) is to keep this urge  to learn alive in every child.

With teachers partnering with parents to ensure that this internal flame of learning is continually glowing bright, it results in Success for All. You will find that we expect and achieve high standards with all students as they are encouraged to reach their own potential. The strengths of QSIY are our curriculum and success orientations. Each year we send our graduates to excellent universities around the globe.  

Although the website is full of useful information, the best way to understand our school fully is to visit our lovely campus and to talk with our community members.  

Sincerely yours,  

MaryKay Gudkova