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QSI Yerevan prides itself on hiring caring, qualified, and dedicated educators. With over thirty members of our teaching staff, students at QSI Yerevan are guaranteed small class sizes and a personalized approach to learning. 

QSIY staff are certified, experienced educators, bringing a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and skills to their learning environments. Our educators are skilled in using a mastery learning approach to ensure all students are successful. 

Our staff model the principles of lifelong learning, engaging in professional development opportunities throughout their careers. This commitment to learning and professional growth can be felt throughout our school.

The very helpful and individual approaches of the teachers helped our daughter to overcome obstacles and strengthen her confidence in solving smaller or larger tasks. 

Daniela Waltrova, Parent

Meet the Faculty and Staff at QSI Yerevan

QSI International School of Yerevan employs qualified teachers from North America, Armenia, and other countries. They are dedicated professionals who want to help all students reach their full potential. Our team of outstanding educators and learning assistants contribute towards the educational and personal growth of each student. We have an excellent student-teacher ratio which allows for individualized attention and personal relationship-building among students and educators. QSIY offers Professional Development for administrators, counselors, teachers, and paraprofessionals. The ongoing Professional Development program enables our faculty to be at the forefront of educational practice to offer the best learning experience within a supportive and caring environment.